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Johann Ryno de Wet: Photography

There is something incredibly atmospheric about moody clouds drawing in, blanketing sunlight to cast a shadow as far as the eye can see. And there is something intriguing and mysterious about bright lights in the distance - perhaps nearing, perhaps retreating. Johann Ryno de Wet explores the beauty of the phenomena that is clouds and the dubious shapes they make - in addition to the vast and charismatic landscapes he appears to have visited.

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Neda Vent Fischer: Photography

A fantastically eery technique employed here in monochromatic shades, causing us to squint a little, fidget uncomfortably but thoroughly appreciate the fact that rather than using a photographic computer application to render these images in the washy style that they are presented - they may actually be strategically produced to achieve this unique perspective. The locations; the architecture chosen as the subject and this visual style to accompany is a perfect combination, the two married makes for a very unusual series.

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Alexander Khokhlov: Photography

Evidently, Alexander Khokhlov has a vivid imagination to be able to envision then pursue his goal on canvas that has features, textures and a dramatically uneven surface area. Using quite simply a monochrome theme and extreme precision he has imposed and integrated his illustrations onto a real, 3-dimensional human face. 3D has made quite an extravagant entrance into our world of late and Khokhlove's creativity is no exception. Cleverly he uses the model's features to his advantage and has produced a great range of what one many like to call optical illusions… 

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MountStar: Typography

Visual interpretations of words are not only perhaps more widely appreciated than verbal, but also arguably more interesting especially when from a personal point of view. MountStar has exemplified a series of words with a very simplistic and typical black and white theme. Atypically, however, are the interpretations themselves. The most beautiful of which I personally think is 'water'. The fine lines darting off the word as they almost kinetically hit the word.

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Maykel Lima: Photography

Tragically, these images are far too effective for my tender eyes to analyse them at length. The expressions, the mugshot style and the desaturated shades collectively produce a very daring series, evoking the imagination - a disease ridden species has been reduced to bones and depressing expressions. The hair in every image is almost used as concealer, the most fitting of course being the woman with dark roots transcending the blonde locks of scarily straight hairs. A successful rendition of death.

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Suren Manvelyan: Photography

As much as it is intriguing to gaze upon such an incredibly complex and beautiful natural thing - up close and personal; certainly intimate viewpoints also disclose squirming sights. The streaky patterns reveal the intricacy of our genetic make up. The varying colours of the cornea are unique to each individual and the series here shows very clearly that no two of us are the same…

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John Woo: Illustration

If they existed in our world, of course it would make perfect sense to make these figures advocates for certain brands - however, the notion of Superman being brand ambassador for D&G is both hugely admirable and disturbing at the same time. We'd have turned Edward Scissorhands into a celebrity - something I very much doubt he'd wish to be. Similarly with the T-1000, who's only real purpose was to destroy Sarah and John Connor, he does look pretty good donning Thom Browne though… 

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Peter Tarka - Art

Fresh, vibrant, juicy colours suspended in Peter's images. The glossy skull is particularly appealing - celebrated with giant baubles, enhancing the levitated state. Such precision in the mapping and placement of each and every single item featured in Tarka's productions give us an acute impression of a perfectionist at work.

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